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Application of eccentic bearing


Application of eccentic bearing

As an unusual type of bearing, eccentric bearings are increasingly used in the fields of reducers, petrochemicals, textiles, metallurgy, mining, steel mills and so on. Most of the clutch pressure and center distance adjustment of the modern domestic offset printing machine cylinder are realized by eccentric bearings, which are characterized by simple structure, accurate and reliable, convenient adjustment, but difficult to process.

The domestic offset printing machine is equipped with a set of double-layer double-row tapered roller eccentric bearings at the two axial ends of the plate cylinder, the main purpose of which is to adjust the center distance between the printing and the rubber, and at the two axial ends of the blanket cylinder Two sets of eccentric bearings, the outer eccentric bearing is to adjust the center distance of the rubber to pressure, and the inner eccentric bearing is used to control the clutch clutch pressure. It is a double-circle raceway with an inner and outer eccentric negative clearance cylindrical roller bearing.

Bearing manufacturers generally use electromagnetic centerless clamps, which are characterized by simple structure, convenient adjustment and high precision. However, when machining the eccentric inner hole, the positioning reference is the plane and outer diameter surface of the ferrule, so when using the electromagnetic centerless clamp to process the eccentric bearing ring, the eccentric clamp must be used to mount the bearing eccentric sleeve.

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